Do Clothes Sell Well on Ebay?

Do you have outfits in your closet that you never wear because they no longer fit or you dislike them? why not sell them on eBay for free?

You can sell used clothes on eBay. Second-hand clothing sells rather well on this website and this tutorial will tell you how to get started.

I discovered how to sell clothing on eBay some years ago, though I’ve experimented with a few different sites, eBay has proven to be the most effective place to sell my used clothes for cash online.

If you love doing this, you may want to branch out and start shopping at thrift stores for brand-name items in excellent shape and selling them on eBay as a side job.

This step-by-step tutorial will let you know whether it is worth it selling your clothes on eBay.

Begin by providing a descriptive title for your listing

Include the brand, size, color, kind of clothes, gender of the wearer, and any other searchable keywords.

Fill the 80-character limit with as many terms as possible, but avoid becoming excessively repetitious. You want it to appear polished.

With a few simple methods, you can take great photographs

Developing the ability to take decent photos is critical for success while learning how to sell used clothes on eBay, so do not miss this stage!

Due to the fact that this is the only way your consumer will view the garments, the photographs must be as clear as possible.

Additionally, they should be clear of distracting backdrops that detract from the clothing. This is your sole opportunity to demonstrate the piece’s quality and originality, so pay close attention to detail.

I’ve been able to get the best photos for my eBay listings by having the photos taken outside in natural light during the day.

Take numerous photographs of your garment. Include images of the brand and size tags, any flaws, and the front and back of the item.

Create a detailed description

eBay provides several options for what information to submit about your item. So, in order to make selling your used clothes on eBay worth it, take your time and provide your potential customers with the best description of what you are selling.

You are welcome to describe your goods as “beautiful” or “ideal for summer,” etc., but remember to maintain a professional demeanor.

Always be truthful! If your item has any problems, be sure to include them in your description. Minor issues are not always deal-breakers, and it’s preferable to be forthright rather than risk an angry consumer and a negative review afterward.

Product dimensions and specifications are critical

Given that purchasers cannot try on the clothing, it is critical to have exact dimensions so they can determine whether the item will genuinely fit them.

Additionally, it is necessary to indicate the material used and any other pertinent information. This information should be provided in the listing’s description section.

Your clothing should be priced appropriately

eBay will often suggest a starting price and listing type based on comparable products. However, I seldom follow their advice.

Rather than that, the best course of action is to conduct a search on eBay for comparable products (be sure to mention the condition, whether new or pre-owned, and the brand, since these factors significantly impact value), then choose “Sold listings” from the filter choices.

Bear in mind that if you post it as an auction, it may sell for whatever the beginning price is, so begin the auction with the lowest price you’re ready to accept.

Longer auctions are more likely to sell, as they have more time to be noticed.

Weekends, particularly Sundays, are the busiest shopping days on eBay. Thus, the optimal time for you to conclude the listing is Sunday evening.

Schedule your auction to begin and end on a certain day and time to ensure that it concludes when you want.

Optimize your listing to make it easier for folks to discover what you’re offering

You may have excellent apparel to offer, but if it is difficult to locate, you will struggle to sell it.

Make your listing title as descriptive as possible by including keywords such as the brand name, size, and color. Utilize as many characters as possible to ensure that your writing is as detailed as feasible.

Ascertain that the category, condition, and item specifics fields are completed for your item. These are the filters that consumers may use to zero in on your goods throughout their search. The more information you provide, the more likely it will be noticed.

Consider the cost of shipping

Consider the amount you charge for shipping when determining your price. For instance, someone may be prepared to spend $40 for a garment, but not when delivery is included at no additional cost.
Offering free delivery might increase an item’s appeal to potential purchasers, but you’ll be responsible for shipping costs, so you’ll probably want to increase the beginning price to cover them.

How much does it cost to sell clothes on eBay?

Listing on eBay is completely free for the vast majority of infrequent eBay users.
There is a $0.35 insertion charge for each item listed if you list more than 250 items each month. Exclusions apply to each category.

eBay takes a percentage of the sale if your item is sold.
For the majority of products, the final value charge is 12.9% of the sale price or less, plus $0.30 each order.

Do plus-size clothes sell well on eBay?

According to scientists, nearly 50% of adults in the USA will be obese by 2030. This is why the proportion of consumers who purchase plus-size clothing will keep on increasing. Making it very profitable to sell plus-size clothes on eBay.

How fast do clothes sell on eBay?

While some products sit on eBay’s ‘watch lists’ for months without being sold, others, such as clothing, sell quickly and make sellers hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month.

What are the best-selling types of clothes on eBay?

There are an infinite number of different sorts of apparel available on eBay that may earn you some nice money.
The platform’s best-selling goods include high-quality branded clothes and vintage clothing.


Clothes are among the items that sell well on eBay.

For some, learning how to list their used clothes on eBay might feel intimidating at first, but the eBay app is straightforward, and with this tutorial, once you’ve sold a few items, the process will become second nature.

Believe me, clearing out your closet is an incredible sense of satisfaction after you discover how to sell things on eBay. Allow someone else to like what you despise and make some extra cash from things you never wear!


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