get paid to lose weight on DietBet

How to Make Money on the DietBet App

Looking to make a quick buck? DietBet may be the perfect solution. This app allows users to bet on their own weight loss, and the winner takes home the pot.

But how does DietBet work, and is it really possible to make money from it? We investigate.

So how does DietBet work?

DietBet is a free software that is part of the WayBetter family of applications that gives you the opportunity to bet on yourself in order to achieve a desired level of weight loss.

You join a group of other users on DietBet to compete against one another in a weight reduction challenge, and you wager a particular amount of money into the pot.

Those contestants who make it all the way to the end will get a share of the money and will have successfully lost the weight they wanted to.

This is the exact same model that is used by StepBet, and the premise is also quite comparable to that of HealthyWage, which is another software that allows you to get paid to workout.

On the other hand, the weight reduction targets on DietBet are expressed as a particular percentage, which is made very obvious to you when you buy in to a game with other players.

How people make money with DietBet?

There are five phases involved in the process if you want to make money with DietBet:

1. Start by joining a Game

When it comes to selecting the kind of game you want to take part in, you have several opportunities to do so.

You have the option, when it comes to games on Kickstarter, of playing one of the previously established games that are set to begin or creating your own game and inviting your friends and family to play against you.

There are new Transformer games that begin multiple times a month, however you cannot develop your own game if you play these games.

You have the option to pay your wager on a monthly basis or pay it all at once to receive a discount equal to one free month.

Along the way, there will be a number of minor goals and pieces of advice to help you keep moving forward in the right direction.

Whoever finishes the challenge within the allotted time will get a portion of the money that has been collected. Whoever does not will have their bet forfeited, and they will not win the prize.


2. Verify your Starting Weight

You have until at least two days before the start of the challenge to send in your starting weight, along with verification of your weight.

You’ll need to provide two photographs as verification:

A photograph of you posing on a scale while wearing clothes with a low total weight.
A photograph of the number displayed on the scale superimposed over a piece of paper containing a unique keyword.

You will be provided with the keyword in order to verify that the photo was shot at the appropriate moment and with complete discretion in order to rule out the possibility that you are trying to get an unfair advantage.

Do not be worried, as this method of verifying weight is quite normal and is utilized by a variety of other fitness applications as well.

Aside from that, DietBet is obligated to take measures to prevent participants from cheating in order to ensure that no one has an unfair edge over the other.

If a DietBet referee has reason to suspect that your account is being used fraudulently, they may require you to upload a video of yourself performing a weigh-in.


3. Get active and start Sheding those Pounds

Now is the time to put in the effort to get healthier in order to take part in the competition.

Players that participate in the Kickstarter will have a total of 28 days to shed 4% of their initial body weight.

Players in the Transformer game will have exactly six months to shed ten percent of their initial body weight.

Throughout any of these games, you will have the ability to upload images of your progress, make comments on those photos, and receive advice on how to lose weight.

4. Verify Ending Weight

Following the conclusion of the challenge, you will have precisely two days and nights to send in your final weight.

Take into account the fact that only those who have won are required to provide photographic evidence.
Even if you are aware that you have not yet achieved the required goal weight, you are still strongly encouraged to send in your current weight.

It is also important to note that in order to win a reward in a challenge, you must wait until it has been completed before you can make a claim for it.

This means that even if you have already accomplished your objective, you must continue to do so in order to be eligible.


5. Win, and you get a Share of the Pot

If you come out on top in a DietBet game, you get to share the prize money (which is comprised of everyone’s wagers) with the other players who also won.

After a period of one day, the final results of the weigh-in are determined.

According to DietBet’s website, the “fee” they charge is anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent of the total pot, depending on the size of the initial wager.

This is taken straight from the cash pot, which is used to pay for all of their expenses. That is the primary method through which DietBet generates revenue from all of this activity.

You have the option of either using the earnings to reinvest in a new game or withdrawing them using PayPal.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck and get in shape, the DietBet app may be for you.

The app allows users to bet on themselves to lose weight, and if they meet their goal, they split the pot with other winners.

While you won’t get rich quick with DietBet, it is a fun and easy way to make some extra cash.

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