how to make money online selling memes

This is an Untapped Gold Mine – Make Money Selling Memes!

It’s possible to make a lot of money online if you have a good enough idea to capitalize on the vast size of the internet.

Meme sales are a simple method to make money online. However, a novice may need some practice before they master the technique.

Because of this, we have compiled the ultimate reference for you.

What follows is essential information for anyone interested in making money through the sale of online memes.

What is a meme and how to create your own

Memes are images or videos with captions that circulate online and aim to communicate a culturally relevant message.

Memes are becoming increasingly significant in the realm of viral marketing in the modern world.
Memes are commonly shared on social media in an attempt to make people laugh.

Not everyone who creates or spreads a meme is doing so for laughs. Entertaining content, a sense of brand identity, and increased audience participation are all goals of the use of memes by businesses.

Even while the vast majority of us consume memes for the sake of having a good laugh, it is logical to suppose that some people have found ways to generate money from them.

The best way to create a meme

Common belief holds that all it takes to make a meme is to throw random images together and post them online.

There’s some truth to it, but it’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

Any image or video may be turned into a money-making meme with the help of a comprehensive guide available at

How quickly can the money be made in the meme industry?

To tell the truth, if you want to make money from memes, you’ve got to be patient and wait for them to go popular.

Some platforms, like Instagram and YouTube, require you to amass dozens of subscribers before you can turn a profit, while others, like RedBubble and Zazzle, require you to make sales before you get paid.

Can you really Make a Living Selling Memes?

It’s hard to put a precise number on how much money you can make selling memes, but a good starting point is to assume that you can make up to $200 each month on average.

You may easily increase this amount to $3,000 or more per month if you get traction on social media and assume you are creating sponsored content or working with brands.

Since you now know roughly how much money you can make from selling memes, we can move on to discussing the most effective strategies for doing so.

1. Create your own Meme Gigs on Fiverr

You may already be familiar with Fiverr, and how to make people buy your Gigs on Fiverr.

But in case you aren’t: it’s a website where you can make money online by offering your services to others. You can use it to advertise and sell your services, or “gigs.”

If you have a solid reputation on Fiverr, you can sell meme-related gigs to eager customers.

Since there is less competition for meme creation services on Fiverr at the moment, I advise you to go ahead and create your listing there immediately.

2. List your Memes for sale on Etsy

Strange, huh? Yes, but people will pay you for your memes! Using this method, you can easily profit from your memes.

Etsy is an online marketplace that has millions of users all around the world. Etsy is a platform for selling handmade and vintage goods, as well as digital arts and crafts.

Earning five-star ratings from satisfied customers is essential if you want to sell your memes and rise to the top of the seller rankings.

You can see how successful some Etsy meme pages are by looking at their sales. But don’t give up or assume you can’t succeed.

This is a challenging task, but it is not impossible. If you’re good at making original memes, you should sell them on Etsy.

3. Make an Instagram Meme account

It’s a popular strategy for making money from memes, and many people are engaging in it.

The viral nature of memes means that your account will quickly gain a large following.
In other words, create an Instagram account, start posting funny memes, and watch your follower count rise.

Advice on how to raise the number of Fans on Instagram

You’ll need a killer bio and profile photo to get started.

The second thing to do is to share original, high-quality content on social media alongside relevant hashtags and photographs.

If you do it in this manner, you can reach your desired demographic quickly.

4. Earn money by Teaching others how to create Memes

Teaching others how to create their own memes is yet another marketable skill.

A simple recording of your creation process is what you need.

A self-guided course on meme creation is one such example.

Among the many available options for selling online courses, Udemy and Skillshare are two of the most well-known.

There aren’t that many decent resources out there to teach people how to produce memes, so this is a nice unexplored option.

5. Develop your own Meme YouTube Channel

In other words, creating a meme channel is similar to creating a hilarious video channel, and we all know how popular those are.

You can make a lot of money in this field, therefore it’s an excellent choice for you. Since there aren’t too many YouTube meme channels, that actually makes for LESS competition in the space.

6. Recycle old Memes

One may make the case that the vast majority of the population has already encountered most memes.

In fact, though, only the most popular ones get seen. Many additional memes were developed but none of them caught on.

One of these memes can have an entirely new meaning if you change one word. Adding the correct elements to an updated meme makes it more relevant.

And by doing so, you may make a previously unsuccessful meme into the next big thing on the web.

If you put in the time and effort, you will discover what works and what doesn’t.

At last, you can market and sell these fresh memes to consumers in various markets by adapting the earlier strategies.

7. Make money by Promoting affiliate products using Memes

With affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for referring customers to other businesses.

Make some memes for your social media accounts and see which ones get you the most clicks or purchases.

While not every meme you make will result in a sale, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them anyhow.

Simply adjusting your messaging and making another meme may help boost sales.

You should advertise products that your followers actually want, rather than ones you assume they would.

Many people’s efforts to make money through affiliate marketing run across this stumbling block.

8. Use Redbubble to Sell your Memes

In order to sell your memes on various things, you can use Redbubble, an online marketplace.

If you want something easy where you don’t have to worry about placing memes on goods yourself, Redbubble is a wonderful option.

Selling products has never been easier than on this platform. Basically, you upload your memes, and then Redbubble prints and ships them out to customers.

Coffee mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts, among other things, may be customized with your memes.

Moreover, you have a great deal of say over how much money you make on Redbubble. The service does not take a “royalty” or “cut” of any purchases made on the site.

However, all prices on Redbubble are set in stone and reflect the platform’s overhead for printing and selling your wares.

Then, you may keep the money you make as a designer and charge whatever you want for each order.

The norm establishes a threshold of 20%. It is possible, however, to adjust the compensation percentage.

9. Promote your own Website with Memes

Memes can be used effectively as adverts for any website, whether it’s a blog or a store.

If you’d rather not spend money on sponsored content on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, this is a fantastic option.

To maximize your profit, you should do what you can to boost conversion rates.

10. Use to Earn from your Memes

Making money from this website is straightforward: just create a meme, put it online, and you’ll be compensated based on how many times your image is viewed.

As a meme creator, you get paid because Picturepunches places an ad under every meme, and everybody who views your meme will also view the ad.

11. Develop your Own Meme-Based Game

If you’re good at coming up with memes, building a meme game isn’t a bad concept and shouldn’t be too tough for you.

Memes are popular on social media, so turning them into a game would be a clever idea that would likely be well-received.

It takes time for an app to rank at the top of searches, therefore this choice is not appropriate if you want to generate money quickly.

12. Generate Memes for a Print-on-Demand company

Meme design for print-on-demand can be a lucrative side hustle. Create memes that will entertain those who are fed up with their regular work.

Making money online through meme design for POD businesses requires little in the way of technical knowledge, marketing savvy, or even the ability to put pen to paper.

Whether your goal is to supplement your existing income or completely replace it, there are ways to do both, Meme designs for POD companies can be very lucrative.

13. CafePress is another place to sell your Memes

If you wish to monetize your memes, CafePress is another choice to think about.

Another print-on-demand service, this one lets you get your memes printed on anything from t-shirts, and notepads to sweatshirts and calendars.

Because the company handles everything, promoting your memes is a breeze.

Build Brand Awareness with Memes

Memes proliferate on the web. Social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, are just a few of the many places where you may find memes.

Make your own viral meme and brands will pay you to use it.

Can you make amusing memes? Make a meme for a company you like and they’ll pay you. If you can attract enough of an audience and promote your memes well, brands will pay you to display their advertisements.

14. Post your Memes for sale on Zazzle

Interested in seeing your memes printed on things like door mats, mousepads, and hoodies? Use Zazzle to make it happen!

Zazzle is a print-on-demand platform where anyone can design and sell their own custom apparel.

Memes can be a source of revenue if they are used as branding for other products.

Zazzle’s advantage is that it handles order fulfillment and customer service inquiries for you.

Many products are available for personalization with your visuals, giving you ample opportunity to grow your meme enterprise.

You will earn a commission on all sales, with a variable profit margin that you set.

15. Society6 is another place to consider

Society6 is another option to get money with memes.

You may upload your own memes to the site and have them placed on items like art prints.

You’ll earn 10% commission on every sale, with the option to increase this percentage for premium services.

An affiliate program even allows you to earn 10% more on any orders placed thanks to your referrals.

There are other factors to think about before marketing memes

Always take precautions to safeguard your memes

The popularity of memes has led to a surge in the number of people making and sharing their own memes online.

However, the amount of shares is often an indicator of viral content. Meanwhile, if you come up with an idea and turn it into a meme, make sure to watermark it to establish your ownership.

If someone tries to steal your meme or keeps sharing it, at least you’ll get the credit.

Methods for maximizing profits when selling Memes

Here are some rules to follow to make sure that your next meme goes viral.

1. Don’t assume that you need a massive online following to start collaborating with businesses. Advertisers and companies are willing to pay you if you have a significant following and a high rate of engagement among your followers.

2. There are still many people that use hashtags to find specific content, so if you want your meme to be seen by more people, you should include them.

3. A catchy caption is essential to the success of a viral meme. You need to find a way to make people laugh heartily.

Take your time and think up a good caption. If you’re really curious about the quality, you could even have your buddies try out a couple of variations.

4. Make sure you’re active on Instagram, as this is one of the most common places for people to share memes online.

5. To find out what’s hot, browse through some of the most visited meme pages on the web. You can quickly see which aspects are successful and which are not.

Wrapping up

Making money selling memes is a viable online business option. With the proper strategies in place, you can make a decent income from it.

The most important thing to remember is to create highquality, original memes that will appeal to a wide audience.

With a little effort, you can make a lot of money selling memes.

The strategies outlined in this article will help you get started on your journey to making money through meme sales. So what are you waiting for? Start making memes and start making money!


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