Work from Home Jobs – September 2022

There is plenty of work-from-home jobs available these days that allow people to easily make money online. You can find these remote jobs in a variety of industries and fields.

The video below shows you seven work-from-home jobs that you can apply for right now:

Companies mentioned in the video:

TELUS International

Telus International is a Canadian multinational telecommunications company with its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It provides a wide range of telecommunications services and products, including wireless, data, Internet, television, VoIP, and phone services.

Positions available include online mystery shopper, data analyst, and search engine evaluator.

What does a mystery shopper do?

A paid consumer who is employed to browse at retail locations and collect information is known as a mystery shopper.

Imagine mystery shoppers as undercover consumers who are dispatched into stores to watch, interact with, and report on other customers as well as the people working there.

Can mystery shoppers keep what they buy?

Mystery shoppers will often be reimbursed for their purchases while also being permitted to retain the product or service that they originally paid for.


Working at Netflix is great! The company is very customer-centric and they really care about their employees. The benefits are amazing and the culture is awesome.

Kids content tagger is one of the remote positions available at Netflix right now.

What does a kids content tagger do?

A kids’ content tagger is responsible for tagging children’s content on websites and apps. This includes identifying and categorizing content by age group, topic, or genre.

The goal is to make sure that children only see age-appropriate content when they are using these platforms.

Blue Mountain Arts

This company allows people to earn money by submitting poems and short stories.

ACT is a website that provides information about the ACT test, which is a college admissions exam.

The site includes a registration form for students who wish to take the test, as well as information about test dates and locations.

The site also offers a variety of resources to help students prepare for the ACT, including practice tests, tips, and advice.

You can earn money on ACT as a test scorer

As a test scorer at ACT, you evaluate each exam by using a standardized set of scoring guidelines that have been established by ACT.

In this position, you may choose to concentrate on a specific topic and provide the test taker textual constructive comments, or you may grade the test taker’s replies and offer suggestions for improvement.

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